Aggregates/Trucking Projects


ASI/BACC JV has access to NYS DOT approved products such as ROB Gravel, Item 4, Stone Products and Topsoil thru mining facilities operated in Phillip sport, NY and Accord, NY. Product samples are sent to laboratories, tested, and approved prior to sale. Product delivery or placement of material is available upon request.


We operate an extensive fleet of trucks which can be rented by the day or for longer periods depending on your specific need. All rentals are supplied with experienced drivers who operate according to strict safety and regulatory guidelines.

Rental and heavy equipment hauling services include:

  • Dump Trucks:
    • Hauling dirt, blacktop, rock, sand and topsoil.
  • Trucks available for rental:
    • Dump Trailers
    • Tri-Axle Dump Trucks
    • Tandem Dump Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling:
    • Loading and hauling of heavy equipment from site to site on our High Flat, Lowboy and Beam Trailers.

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