Middlesex Landfill Phase II

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Location: East Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey
Owner: Middlesex County Utilities Authority

Description: Construction of three new landfill cells on the existing landfill mound, approx. size of the combined cells is 75 acres. Work includes importing of approximately one million cubic yards of sub-grade fill, installation of 720,000 sy of geo-grid, 360,000 sy of geo-composite drainage layer, 720,000 sy of primary and secondary HDPE geo-membrane liner and 720,000 sy of primary and secondary geo-synthetic clay liner(GCL). Also includes more than 300,000 tons of sand drainage layer, construction of ancillary work including perimeter road construction, 6,000 lf of primary and secondary trash netting, inclinometer installation, monitoring well abandonment, perimeter berms, leachate collection and detection piping.