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Location: New York State Thruway Mile Post 45 to Mile Post 496
Owner: New York State Thruway
Approx. Rev: $350,000,000

Description: Design Build Project for the New York State Thruway Authority to convert existing ticketed tolling system to Automatic Electronic Tolling system from Woodbury to Buffalo. This project has multiple locations across the entire state of New York, 5 Terminus and 16 gantry locations on the NYS Thruway Mainline, and 34 mini-gantry locations and work at 2 special exits on the Open Road Tolling (ORT) system stretched over 450 miles of the NYS Thruway. Gantry locations include installation of precast concrete pavement, treadle installation, communication buildings to support the gantry’s, electronic tolling equipment installation with power supply and fiber optic communication, asphalt pavement, positive separation of opposing traffic, pavement markings, concrete barrier protection of mainline gantry foundations, and drilled shaft foundations to support gantries. The project also includes removal of existing toll plaza’, installation of new utility services, Installation and extension of Fiber Optic system, sign removal, and new sign installation, and installation of 81 Solar DMS boards across the state to provide notifications to the traveling public. All work to be completed in a compressed schedule to achieve a go-live date for the all-electronic Tolling System by December of 2020 and final completion November 2021.