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The project will reconstruct the exit and entrance ramps at Route 17 Exit 105 and their intersections with Route 42. The existing cloverleaf interchange will be converted to a diamond interchange with a single on or off ramp in each direction. The signalized intersections with Route 42 will be converted to two-lane roundabouts, which is expected to reduce the number and severity of crashes. Work will involve reconfiguring the Route 42 bridge over Route 17 to provide two, 12-foot travel lanes, 5-foot bicycle lanes, and sidewalks in each direction. The rehabilitation is expected to reduce future maintenance costs. The project will enhance pedestrian safety with installation of new street lighting along Route 42 and the installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA}-compliant pedestrian amenities. Existing sidewalks along Route 42 will be Improved, and a new sidewalk will be added to the bridge over Route 17. The sidewalk will not only enhance safety and access but will connect existing sidewalk systems in the village of Monticello and the town of Thompson to encourage travel between the two areas. The project will Improve pavement conditions and drainage and includes installation of new signage for Exit 105.