Secaucus Interchange (Turnpike Ramp Connections, Grading, Drainage, Paving & Structures)

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Location: Town of Secaucus, New Jersey
Owner: New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Approx. Revenue: $41,073,597.00

Description: This is one of several contracts for the construction of a new interchange on the NJ Turnpike. The project includes the construction of 4 new bridges ranging in size from 125 simple span to 1000′ multi-span structures. The first is the replacement of a 220′ long, three span structure that carries the Turnpike over the existing NJ Transit Facility. Another is a “cut and cover” type application where the existing Turnpike embankment will be turned into a 125′ simple span bridge over the newly constructed ramps. The other two structures are for the exit/entrance ramps off the Turnpike and include a 1000 ft., nine span flyover bridge consisting of steel and concrete. Total structural steel in this project is in excess of 3 million lbs. and over 11,000 cubic yards of cast in place concrete. Foundations for the structures consist of H piles and 300,000 sf of steel sheeting consisting of both permanent and temporary. In addition to bridge structures, there are 6 pre-cast retaining walls totaling more than 50,000 sf and lengths up to 800 feet long. Other work on the project includes drainage improvements, demolition of existing bridge structures, new sign structures, highway lighting. The excavation for the project includes muck excavation and new embankment for ramp construction.